Beautiful sunny days and warm nights in summer naturally encourage you to host a backyard party. But, pests and mosquitoes can ruin the enjoyment of your summer party. Moreover, when you want to relax on your patio, these bugs may cause annoyance. But knowing how to keep these things away is something else.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From The Patio Naturally

The whining of mosquitoes is not the only reason for controlling the bugs. These insects can carry various harmful diseases. Thus, find a brief guide on reducing the mosquito population in your patio and other outdoor spaces below.

Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Citrosa Geranium is a plant that acts as a mosquito repellant. The plant comes with pink-purple blossoms and green foliage (it looks pretty as well as being functional!). Calendula and marigold are common flowers that prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from biting you. Mosquitoes never like the scent of these plants, and so you can grow them around your deck.

Remove Stagnant Water

Most female mosquitoes look for water to lay eggs. Stagnant water near your patio attracts your bugs. Standing water is mostly found in:

  • Overwatered lawn
  • Uncovered barrels
  • Empty planters
  • Wet spots due to lack of drainage
  • Nearby ponds

Put On Light-Colored Clothing

Some people want to avoid wearing dark garments in summer, as the dark tints make them feel warm. Like other biting bugs, mosquitoes are attracted to black and other darker shades. So, wear clothes in lighter shades to avoid mosquito bites on your patio.

Invest In A Mosquito Net

Mosquitoes have the potential to detect perspiration odors and body heat of humans. Hanging the mosquito net around your dining space develops a physical barrier. The properly hung nets prevent the bugs from flying through them. However, they do not block the access to sunshine and air. Draped mosquito nets can be suspended from the outdoor umbrella. But, ensure that the net is not too close to your seating.

Remove Debris From The Patio And Deck

Debris around your patio may attract more mosquitoes. When these bugs are not active during afternoon hours, you have to remove yard toys, sticks, and other debris. Mow your lawn and trim the trees to reduce the debris.

Choose The Right Type Of Lighting

Some outdoor lights attract more insects. Thus, replace your traditional white bulbs with yellow lights. Their golden rays will also give you a more pleasing experience in the outdoor space. They will keep mosquitoes away from your patio. But, turn off these lights when you go inside.

Look For Professional Assistance

Hiring Sarasota Mosquito Control experts is the best decision to avoid the annoying bugs in your patio. They know how to apply the most effective technologies to combat mosquito problems and other pest infestations in your house. You will have a lasting solution if you have engaged these experts.

These are some tips on how to keep mosquitoes away from a patio. You can prevent mosquito infestation in various ways and keep the patio safe for everyone.


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