• Positive: Punctuality, Quality!
    Mr Seth H
  • Have recommended this company with great results!
    Mr Todd S
  • Always dependable, on time and there for any problem. I highly recommend this team and company!
    Mrs Linda G
  • Top notch service, honesty and integrity!
    Mr Joe S
  • Greg and his team at Brock 360 Pest Solutions are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They not only handle the pesky pests, they also handle lawn care services. They brought our lawn back from being burdened by environmental influences to a beautiful green oasis again. Great Job! Highly recommend these guys.
    Mr Nicholas C
  • Great service and staff!
    Mr Mike L
  • Great service with this company. We have used them for at least a year. All of the men that came to our house were professional and informative. I highly recommend this pest control service company. Very satisfied customer.
    Mrs Chandelle T
  • We contacted Greg from Brock 360 pest solutions because we were unhappy with the condition of our lawn. He has been treating our lawn for 2 years and it looks great and the moles are finally gone. We noticed a pile of ants in the garage by the back door, so we called him out to inspect. He confirmed that they were not the type that do a lot of damage. It is really great to be able to call someone with knowledge in his field and more important someone that you can trust.
    Mr Joe T
  • Did a great job. I am grateful for their fast and courteous service.
    Mrs Helen C
  • We experienced tree rat infestation in our Sarasota home recently. Kelly@Brock 360 responded quickly and has been incredibly professional & diligent in removing 9 rats ? Total, Creating exterior barrier and trapping inside and out to be sure our home is secure and rat free. Kelly has been patient & kind to my father and I. This is the way we did business and this is who you want to do business with. You will Not be disappointed!!! Thank you & God bless you Kelly.
    Mrs Donna T
  • One of my clients had a gnat infestation in their wine cellar and Kelly at Brock 360 was really welcoming and used his knowledge to help us out in solving the problem. Thank you guys! you rock!!!
    Mrs Karina D
  • At Brock360 Pest Solutions, listening to the client is key. From the first call for service to their tremendous follow-up, Greg and his crew understand that having pests in one’s environment is unsettling, to say the least, so they create cohesive plans to alleviate your fears and drive the critters away. They pride themselves on the service they deliver and strive to be a fair player with the highest of scruples amongst the wide array of pest control companies out there.
    Mrs Mary U
  • Greg, the owner, was very professional and did a great job treating my house. I was pleasantly surprised he not only removed the cobwebs, but also the mud doppers and wasp nests. My entry way looked great after just the first treatment. Thanks again!
    Mrs Jessica C
  • We just started with brock 360 and I can already tell a huge difference in my yard already!!! The staff and the owner are very very helpful and nice. They respond to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. So far I am very happy!
    Mrs Jenn L
  • We have used Brock 360 since he assumed the business when our first Pest Control retired. He has been great to work with and we are extremely satisfied. Thanks Greg!
    Mrs Debi G
  • As a non US resident we need a comapny we can get to know and trust to deliver even when we are not home. Brock more than delivers on this. We are delighted with everyone we have contact with from the office to the guy on the ground. They are very thorough, keep appointments and have good customer skills. We would not hesitate in recommending their professional services.
    Mrs Penny K
  • Excellent & trustworthy team at Brock 360. I travel several months of the year. The Brock 360 crew continues to control the potential pests even while I'm away. I've never had a problem with them and I highly recommend them.
    Mrs Julie T
  • I enjoyed working with Brock 360 very much. All the staff were courteous & professional, from the time of my booking to our in-home service, and on later follow-up. Their costs are reasonable and staff are very knowledgeable about pest control. I'd certainly recommend them for any pest control support you might need.
    Mrs Keri E
  • Excellent company to deal with. They are professional and know what they are doing. I would recommend them to everybody.
    Mrs Vicki H
  • Your response time and the thorough, professional service provided helps us keep matters under control.
    Mr. John L
  • Your service IS the best! I HAD AN EMERGENCY and your staff were wonderful! I have referred you to my neighbors- and they are pleased! I will continue to sing your praise!
    Mrs. Loretta S
  • Brock is trustworthy, I feel very safe allowing them into my home. They are also very responsive. When I have had a concern it was addressed very quickly.
    Mrs Lucie M
  • We brag about your service to our neighbors often.
    Mrs Debra G
  • Prompt attention to the problem, very courteous, patient, and listened to my problem. They remained very respectful and took the time to be reassuring
    Mrs Debra K
  • Wonderful service. So happy I have this company. We are part time residents and feel very confident that my residence is taken care of with no worries.
    Mrs Karen C
  • You folks have been great right from day one. Your customer service is fantastic.
    Mr. Greg V
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