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Bed bugs are a huge problem across the United States, not only physically but mentally too. There’s the constant washing of bed sheets and the scratching of bites, as well as the mental torture of dealing with the pest. Fortunately, the good news is that you can contact bug control in Sarasota for help. Don’t let these tiny pests cause havoc in your life - instead, contact Brock 360, experts in the field of pest management.

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Can You Deal with Bed Bugs Alone? Why Contact Experts?

Look online and you’ll see a plethora of DIY suggestions for getting rid of bed bugs from your home. For example, they’ll tell you all about washing your bedding in hot temperatures, emptying the vacuum thoroughly, and using homemade solutions. However, the truth is that the most effective way to rid your home of bed bugs is with professionals in bug control in Sarasota, FL.

Sadly, it’s all too easy to make common mistakes when trying to eliminate bed bugs. For one thing, bed bugs can go months without feeding. Also, bed bugs breed rapidly. With a pest management service, you’ll have the best experience, knowledge, tools, and resources at your disposal. Why go through this battle alone when you can contact experts instead?

Brock 360 is National Pest Management Association QualityPro Certified, and this is something that only 3% of all pest management companies in the United States can claim. Not only this, but we’re also a family business now in its third generation. What sets us apart from other services is that we care about the long-term impact of pest management. This means the following:

  • We use solutions that are friendly to your pets and family.
  • We use eco-friendly solutions.
  • We have a full-circle strategy that strives to identify and treat pests as well as keep them away.
  • We have a dedicated team and we like to honor Jesus while offering leading solutions in this field.

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Common Misconceptions Regarding Bed Bugs 

As experienced bug control in Sarasota, we constantly hear the same misconceptions when it comes to bed bugs. Allow us to explore some of the most common here:

‘You can’t see bed bugs’ – As we explore on this page, adult bed bugs are visible with a red/brown color while even many younger bed bugs are visible, although they are a lighter color.

‘Bed bugs will only infiltrate dirty spaces’ – While clutter will certainly encourage bed bugs into your home because they can easily hide, what bed bugs seek more than anything is blood, warmth, and carbon dioxide. They can find this in nearly every home, which is why an infestation is never impossible.

‘Bed bugs only operate in the dark’ – Some people will say that leaving the lights on overnight will prevent bed bugs from leaving their hiding spaces…but this simply isn’t true. Bed bugs prefer darkness, but they will still try to bite you with the lights on.

‘Bed bug spray is all you need’ – We’ve spoken to countless people who believed that they could buy a bed bug spray and everything would magically correct itself. Unfortunately, they’re left disappointed. Instead, it’s best to tackle bed bug control in Sarasota, FL with a treatment plan to prevent bugs from spreading around the home and causing further issues.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation 

How do you know if you have bed bugs in your home? Bed bugs can quickly infest an entire home moving around clothing, bedding, and even the vacuum cleaner. Keep an eye out for these common signs:

  • Insects in and around your mattress and bedding
  • Bite marks on yourself or family members
  • Spots of blood or fecal matter on your bedding
  • Shed bed bug skins (appearing as translucent shells)
  • Musky odor in the bedroom

In many cases, bite marks only appear days after the initial contact with the bed bugs, so the time to take action is now. For bug control in Sarasota, FL, contact the friendly and efficient team at Brock 360.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Home 

At Brock 360, we help you to get rid of bed bugs and guide you through the process from start to finish. This means a free evaluation to start, a treatment plan, post-treatment advice, and even a guaranteed return if the initial treatment isn’t effective. What you do after the treatment is essential, so here are some tips to keep bed bugs at bay moving forward. 

  • Always wash bedding at a high temperature (and dry at a high temperature too, if you machine dry).
  • Bed bugs don’t seek dirty spaces, but you can declutter to limit hiding spaces for all pests. 
  • Seal all gaps and crevices in electrical outlets, baseboards, and more. 
  • Vacuum often (and empty vacuum cleaner). 
  • Use a mattress protector and box springs cover. 
  • Always inspect and be wary of second-hand furniture, bedding, and clothing. 
  • Do a quick inspection upon arriving at a hotel, Airbnb, or any other stay away from home.

Contact Brock 360 for Bug Control in Sarasota Today

It can be quite a nasty surprise seeing bed bugs for the first time – it almost feels like a personal attack. You keep your home tidy, you keep bed sheets clean, so why are they in your home? The first thing to say is that the bed bugs haven’t chosen your home because it’s the dirtiest they could find. Instead, they sought warmth and darkness. It may have even been that you picked up the bed bugs in a hotel, from a friend’s house, or another third-party location. 

The problem is that bed bugs are notoriously difficult to deal with because they seem to survive everything. They survive the washing machine, the vacuum, and DIY solutions. Considering that females can lay hundreds of eggs over the course of their lives, the best action is to contact a professional service such as Brock 360. We have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and solutions to get your home back the way it should be (without unwanted guests!). 

Bed bugs can adapt to their surroundings, so it will take an in-depth evaluation and a tailored strategy to treat your home. Call Brock 360 today and allow our brilliant team to bring their effective solutions to your home to lose these hardy pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bug Control in Sarasota FAQs

Even the thought of bed bugs can get people itching and scratching, so it’s important to know what they look like to spot potential infestations early. Generally, you’ll find that fully-grown bed bugs are red/brown and very small. Meanwhile, younger bed bugs are much lighter in color, often described as white or yellow. Despite being even smaller, they’re normally still visible to the naked eye.
As the name suggests, bed bugs tend to be present around your mattress, duvet, and pillows. As well as visibly spotting bed bugs, you might notice bite marks on yourself or your family. Furthermore, people often notice small brown dots (fecal matter) or red spots (blood) on their bedding. If you think you may have bed bugs, contact experts in bug control in Sarasota for efficient treatment.
Firstly, you’ll benefit from a free evaluation when you choose Brock 360. What does this mean? It means we’ll learn the details of your infestation, visit your property, and then provide advice on how to deal with the problem. If you choose to go with our bug control in Sarasota, FL, we’ll draw up a tailored plan for your home. Don’t worry, we use eco-friendly solutions and we always keep your family (pets included!) in mind when discussing potential treatments. Why not talk to a member of our friendly team today to learn more? Call (941) 312-1360.
Ultimately, the goal is to provide long-term relief from bed bugs. The good news is that we offer the Brock 360 Promise, which means that we’ll return to your property if the bed bugs haven’t been treated effectively the first time. After treating your home for bed bugs, we’ll offer post-treatment care advice, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to get in touch if you’re still having problems.
Absolutely! The National Pest Management Association has granted us QualityPro certification, which means that we take our services seriously. You don’t need our professionals to leave your property and, weeks later, for the problem to be just as infuriating. We’ll work through an extensive treatment plan with you and we’ll return if the problem hasn’t been eradicated.
At Brock 360, there are three main ways to get in touch - you can call us at (941) 312-1360, you can email info@brock360.com, or you can enter your information using the contact form on the website. We know that some people like to pick up their phones while others like to type out a message and get all the pertinent information down on paper (digital paper, anyway!), so feel free to do either.

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