We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We are proud to have served the Pest Control, Rodent, Termite, and Lawn Care needs of Manatee, Charlotte, and Sarasota County, Florida residents and businesses for over 10 years.

Our technicians/inspectors are all licensed by the State of Florida and provide a thorough inspection that tells you what you need to know about your home.

  • Inspect

  • Identify

  • Monitor

  • Educate

  • Prevent

Full Circle Pest Control Services

We provide complete “Full Circle” solutions for all your pest problems. Whether you have roach in your kitchen, a rat in your attic, termite eating your walls, fleas/ticks bothering your pets, or cinch bugs eating your lawn, we have a solution for you.

Full Circle Pest Control Services

Areas We Service

Suncoast Manatee Sarasota Charlotte

Residential Pest Control

Pests can pose potentially big health hazards to your family and loved ones. They can bring along serious diseases, ruin your articles and artefacts, eat away your lawns or possibly infect even your pets. Brock360 offers end to end solutions to effective take care and eliminate any kind of pests that may be infesting at your home. Our decades of expertise

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Commercial Pest Control

Nothing can harm the reputation of your business as much as pests lurking around the corner. Not only can they severe your brand name, they can also potentially destroy your inventory, furnitures and furnishings, burning a big hole in your pocket. That’s why it’s highly important to have a pest control maintenance plan to make sure your business premise stay pest free.

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Rodent Control

Spotting a rodent in your house can never be a pleasant sight! Considering the kinds of diseases they bring along like Plague, Lassa Fever and so on or the amount of destruction they can cause by chewing up electrical, plumbings, or potentially putting your family’s health at risk by defecating anywhere possible, even on your food items! Brock 360 can help you get rid of rodents effectively with its innovative and harm free solutions.

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Termite Control

Termites can enter your home through cracks in concrete and openings as small as 1/16 inch. Each attack can leave you paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair the destruction they leave behind. Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance because policies provide coverage for sudden and accidental property damage. Homeowners insurance is not intended to cover termite damage since it is considered preventable through proper home maintenance – meaning if you can prevent it, you should have. And with the Brock360’s expertise with Sentricon® System, you can!

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Lawn Care

Your lawn is not only your personal haven but also a representation of you in your community. From family picnics to friendly barbecues, a great lawn shows your personality to the world. Our technicians are extremely skilled and are guaranteed to make your lawn a point of pride for you and your family!

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Mosquito Control

Not only are mosquitoes responsible for transmitting diseases in different parts of the world like malaria and the Zika virus, they are also a nuisance for your family and friends! At Brock 360 we have an integrated treatment plan to help you enjoy your yard again.

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