Rodent Control in Sarasota, FL

The word rodent literally means to “to gnaw” and being a commonly found pest across homes in Florida owing to the favourable climatic conditions they really do end up being highly distressing because of various diseases they bring along.

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Sarasota Rodent Control: Ensuring Health and Hygiene

Rodents are nobody’s favorite. We all know that. They are disgusting to look at and with themselves, they bring many serious diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis etc. which they spread through their droppings, urine, saliva and bites. Yucks!

Our rodent control service focuses first on trapping and removal of any rats located in your home or office. Then we strategically place rodent stations around the perimeter of the building. This allows us to monitor and control current and future rodent issues. After removing any rats located inside, we then provide rodent exclusion services to seal up common rat entry points.

Say Goodbye to Rodents: Our Offerings for Effective Eradication

We understand how displeasing it is to have Rodents at your home and not to mention the scare they bring along with themselves. To help you get started with the Rodent Eradication Process, we have the following offers:

Areas We Service

Suncoast Manatee Sarasota Charlotte

Our Four-Step Process of Rodent Control in Sarasota

  • Inspect and identify rodent activity in and around your home or office
  • Trap and remove rats
  • Place rodent stations for current & ongoing monitoring and control of activity
  • Perform a rodent exclusion to seal off common rat entry point

Type of Rodent in Florida

As experts in rodent control in Sarasota, FL, we’ve seen it all over the years. Florida is home to a great many rodents – whether you’re trying to identify the rodents around your home or business or just want to learn more before getting in touch, allow us to explore some of the most common rodents in our beautiful state.

At Brock 360, we have a specialized four-step process for rodents, so don’t be afraid to get in touch for help. Firstly, we inspect your property and attempt to identify the rodent. Secondly, we’ll trap and remove the rodents from your property. Thirdly, we strategically place rodent stations and monitor activity. Fourthly, we’ll seal off all entry points and make your home unattractive to all rodents. 

Mice The most frustrating thing about mice is that the different types thrive in just about every climate and environment you can imagine. For example, some like cool forests while others like a dry, warm climate. While the house mouse is one of the most common in the United States, we have over 70 species in total. Mice will feed off our food scraps, find shelter, and adapt to living around us. So, you need Sarasota rodent control to remove mice effectively. 

RatsUnsurprisingly, rats are the second name on this list. While they may have originally lived in Asia, brown rats are now common in Florida and the United States. Normally, rats are opportunists, which means they live off refuse rather than hunting for food. This being said, they can also eat berries, roots, leaves, and more. 

ChipmunksOften, in films, chipmunks are portrayed as cheeky, mischievous creatures, and this isn’t far from the truth. These small striped creatures normally stick to nuts and seeds, but this won’t stop them from occasionally enjoying insects and bird eggs. While the odd visitor isn’t normally a problem, they can damage plants since they’ll dig up soil and bury nuts.

Voles The next type of rodent you might find in Florida is a vole, and they’re more common in areas with lots of trees and grass. The problem with voles is that they like to eat anything and everything – this includes crops, plants, flowers, grass, and more. Also, they’re prey for snakes, which introduces another problem. 

GophersAlso referred to as pocket gophers, this rodent can also cause problems because they create burrows and eat plants. Suddenly, maintaining your beautiful garden becomes much more difficult because they’re eroding the land. While their food stores can become fertilizer for the soil, the cons outweigh the pros. Therefore, it’s better to look at rodent exclusion in Sarasota. 

This is just an insight into some of the rodents in Florida, and we could continue with squirrels, muskrats, and beavers. The important detail is that you contact Brock 360, experts in rodent control in Sarasota, as soon as you spot the signs of an issue. With our tried and tested formula, we can help your home and business return to normal in no time.

The BROCK360 PROMISE: Rodent Control in Sarasota, FL

With Brock360, let your fears loose as all the extras are already included in our price. With us, you don’t have to pay more to get more. Best of all, we fully guarantee our work.  If the problem isn’t solved, we come back and do it over! The Brock360 Promise for Complete Residential Pest Control includes:

  • Well experienced and Friendly Technicians
  • 100% Eco Friendly Solutions
  • Technicians wearing shoe covers to protect your home
  • Free Evaluation of Possible Infestation
  • Training on Post Treatment Care
  • Removal of Webbing around house, pool, screens and garage
  • Mud dauber removal
  • Wasps Removal
  • Guaranteed return if the problem isn’t solved

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rodent Control FAQs

Generally, the phrase ‘rodent control’ describes the process of either dealing with an existing infestation or proactively reducing the risk of an infestation (or both!). For example, preventative measures can include removing food and water sources as well as removing potential areas of shelter.
In short, rodents can cause nightmares once an infestation has been established. They’re unsightly, they can contaminate food, and they can gnaw through electric cables. On top of this, some rodents can even spread bacteria and diseases. In other words, you don’t want them around your home or business.
Firstly, you’ll need to trap and remove any existing rodents. From here, you’ll need to place rodent stations to monitor activity and lay the foundations for a long-term resolution. Then, it’s important to seal entry points and discourage rodents in many other ways. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the process when you reach out to us.
Controlling rodents in the food industry is critical because you want to protect your food and, by extension, your customers too. The best way to control rodents is to work with specialists who understand the behaviors and tendencies of rodents. The wonderful team at Brock 360 knows what rodents do and why they do it - with these insights, you can implement the right solutions for your business and property. For example, this includes advice on food storage, entry points, food waste, and more.
This depends on your home/business and the challenges you face - those with an infestation will need a more extensive service compared to somebody who just needs advice. Brock 360 prides itself on value for money, and we always return if the problem isn’t solved. Talk to our friendly team and learn more about our tailored solutions and quotes.

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