How to Keep Bees Away from Your House

We all adore bees for their vital pollination and honey-making skills. But when it comes to trespassing on your turf, these little buzzers can be quite the pests. They have a knack for setting up shop in all the wrong places: decks, attics, and even inside walls. This not only creates a disturbance but can also pose a potential threat for those who may be allergic to bee stings. It’s important to know how to keep bees away. We love bees…from a distance.

Why are Bees So Troublesome?

Bees are naturally attracted to certain areas of your home due to the availability of food sources and shelter. Flower gardens, fruit trees, and yes, even garbage cans can be like bee resorts – irresistible to these buzzing visitors seeking rest and resources. And guess what? Bees are expert architects, building their hives in sneaky little nooks and crannies.

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So, if you’re not careful, they might just check-in and never leave. Don’t let a bee’s sweet charm turn into a sticky situation. Properly addressing the issue is the key to avoiding a buzzing repeat performance.

Why are Bees So Important?

Bees are the unsung heroes of our ecosystem, pollinating over 75% of the world’s crops. No bees, no fruits, veggies, or essential foods we rely on daily. They even whip up honey, a sweet nectar with health benefits used in medicine and cosmetics. Let’s protect these buzzing wonders, but maybe find ways to keep them from crashing our house parties.

How to Keep Bees Away From Your House

  1. Remove potential food sources: Make sure to clean up any spilled food or drinks, especially sweet ones like soda or juice, as they can attract bees.
  2. Seal openings and crevices: Inspect your home for any openings or cracks where bees could potentially build their hives. Seal them with caulk or mesh to prevent bees from entering.
  3. Give bee repellents a try: Check out natural and chemical-based bee repellents in stores to keep those buzzing buddies away from your house. Opt for natural options, so you don’t harm these little pollinators or the environment
  4. Plant bee-deterring plants: Time to plant some bee-repelling superheroes. Citronella, eucalyptus, and mint are the plants of choice to keep those buzzing bees at bay. Surround your garden or home with these green guardians
  5. Call in the pros: When the buzz becomes too much to handle, let the experts handle it. Reach out to a professional beekeeper or pest control in Sarasota to safely remove the bees, without causing any harm. They’ll make the bees buzz off for good.
  6. Spread the word: Bee-lieve it or not, educating your family and neighbors is the key. Let them know the importance of bees and how to keep bees away from your home. Encourage them to follow these tips too, so together, we can create a buzz-free neighborhood.


Bees are vital for our ecosystem, but let’s also prioritize our safety and well-being by giving them their space. With these tips, we can coexist peacefully, ensuring no bee-related chaos. Let’s respect bees for their incredible work, but keep our homes bee-free. Love bees…from a safe distance.

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