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Termites are a huge problem for both homeowners and business owners because of the damage they can cause to a property. For example, one estimate suggests that $1 billion is spent by Americans alone each year for termite control and to repair damage caused by these pests. Brock 360 utilizes the best technology and solutions, such as Sentricon, to finally relieve Sarasota residents of the stress caused by termites. If you think you may have an infestation, call our experts today at (941) 312-1360.

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Signs of a Termite Infestation 

So, how do you know if you have termites on your property? To help you identify any particular infestation, here’s what you need to look out for when it comes to termites. If you’re not sure, remember that professionals have all the tools and knowledge to identify the problem for you.

Swarmers – Firstly, noticing swarming termites is particularly problematic because it normally means that the colony is already established. Typically, swarmers are younger termites that vacate the nest in order to establish another colony elsewhere.

Frass – A word you’ll see often when researching termite tenting in Sarasota, we’re essentially talking about droppings that termites leave after eating wood. To the untrained eye, frass can look like sawdust or even just small pellets of wood.

Hollow/Damaged Wood – Generally, termites will eat wood from the inside, which is why people often spot damage so late. If you see damage on the outside of a wooden structure, the likelihood is that they have already gone through the middle. If wood sounds hollow when you knock on it, it’s worth pursuing the idea of termites.

Mud Tubes – Often, termites need protection from predators and the weather as they move between food and nests…enter mud tubes. Shaped like a pencil, it’s worth contacting our brilliant team at Brock 360 if you spot what you think might be a mud tube from termites.

Wings – After mating, swarmers no longer need their wings, so they will shed them. In particular, keep an eye out for discarded wings on windowsills, near windows, and even caught up in spider webs.

Even after this, people can spot termites due to small holes or bubbles/blisters they leave in wood. When it comes to termites, time is of the essence. The sooner you contact Sarasota termite control, the more money you’ll save in the long term from potential damage. What’s more, you can also save yourself some stress from seeing termites and trying DIY solutions that don’t normally work. Whether you need termite tenting in Sarasota, Florida, or a smaller solution, contact Brock 360 today.

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Your Guide to Termite Control in Sarasota, FL

We’ve been fortunate enough to help many homeowners and business owners in Sarasota over the years, and we’d love to help you next. But how does it all work?

  • To start, you’ll reach out to us and we’ll visit your property for a free evaluation. If all goes well, it won’t be termites and you can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • If an issue exists, we’ll suggest a tailored treatment plan for your property. We don’t use one-size-fits-all strategies because every case is so unique.
  • We’ll then attend your property to carry out the treatment, whether this is Sarasota termite tenting or another solution. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know before starting.
  • After treatment, we’ll provide post-care advice so that you keep termites away for good (nobody wants to go through the process a second time!). Keeping termites away is never guaranteed, but you can reduce the risk of another infestation.
  • We’ll return to your property to offer treatment again if the problem isn’t resolved the first time.
  • With solutions like Sentricon, it’s possible to monitor activity levels around the property – with technology like Always Active, you’re getting the world’s best solution for your home.

Of course, the Sarasota termite control process you experience will depend on the type of termite you have in your home and the extent of the problem. In some cases, we can use spot treatments or preventative measures to keep your home free from termites. In others, we may need to explore termite tenting, fumigation for the whole property. The good news is that experienced professionals are just a phone call away – call Brock 360 for help today. We know that termites and other pests can be stressful, so leave it to the experts.

Why Choose Brock 360?

Great question…and we have some answers!

QualityPro Certification – We don’t just say that we provide the highest level of pest control, we actually do – through the National Pest Management Association, our team is QualityPro Certified. Among all pest control companies in the United States, only around 3% have this certification. With this in mind, you can be sure that we offer eco-friendly, effective, safe solutions.

Safety – Safety is always our priority. Rather than using any means necessary to eliminate termites without care for your life afterward in the property, we keep your children and pets in mind.

Knowledge and Experience – One without the other is pointless, and we’re fortunate enough to have a wonderful team of professionals at Brock 360 who are ready and willing to help you. As well as offering tailored solutions, we can overcome obstacles that may arise during termite control in Sarasota, FL.

Family-Owned – If you want to support a local, family-owned business, Brock 360 is your choice. Our family has been helping Sarasota residents and businesses for three generations, and we don’t have plans to stop any time soon. Why not allow our family to help yours?

Amazing Reviews – You don’t need to trust us without evidence, feel free to look at our fantastic reviews on Google. We like to go above and beyond to help our customers, so why not give us a call and join the list of happy Sarasota residents and businesses?

What Our Customers Love About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Termites are small insects that might seem harmless at first, but will soon cause headaches as they feed on the wood in and around your home. In Florida, we have two main types of termites - subterranean termites and drywood termites. Typically, eastern subterranean termites are considered widespread in our state while drywood termites leave pellets of fecal matter that often alert homeowners and business owners to their presence. Regardless of the type of termite infestation in your property, we recommend calling Sarasota termite control, such as Brock 360, as soon as possible to minimize the damage.
The biggest reason is that termites can cause serious damage to your property - often, the damage to wooden structures and even foundations is severe even before it’s obvious. By the time the damage is noticeable, it’s likely that the damage is extensive because of the efficient nature of these pests. No wooden item around your home is safe, including doors, door frames, furniture, and more. Aside from wanting to prevent damage to your property, you also need termite control in Sarasota for peace of mind and the safety of your family.
If you’ve not seen it before, termite tenting is the process of fumigating an entire property. If you’re reading this page because you’re booked in for Sarasota termite tenting, speak to our experts because we’ll happily advise you on the best preparation for this treatment. For example, this means making plans for family, sealing items, packing clothes, unplugging electricals, opening doors, and uncovering furniture. As well as helping you to prepare for our tenting services, we’ll also offer advice on what to do after, such as airing your home and cleaning surfaces.
With science - with the leading Sentricon system, you get protection from termites around the clock. For instance, the Sentricon system comes with technology such as Always Active to ensure 24/7 protection for your property. You can keep an eye on your property, we can monitor activity levels around your property, and any issues are handled before they become expensive. Whether subterranean or drywood termites, we offer a range of preventative measures and solutions. With termite control in Sarasota, FL, you’ll never have to worry again. Why not contact Brock 360 today to learn more?
Absolutely - the last thing you need is for professionals to leave your property and then for you to discover termites again days after you thought the problem had gone. We have what we like to call the ‘Brock 360 Promise’ - this means that we’ll come back and do the treatment all over again if the problem isn’t resolved. If you spot a problem shortly after our visit, just get in touch with our friendly team to arrange further treatment. You can’t ask for more than that when it comes to termite control in Sarasota.
Ultimately, the cost of termite tenting in Sarasota, FL, or any other type of pest control is dependent on the circumstances. Therefore, we can’t provide an exact figure here. Instead, feel free to contact our team and we’ll provide a tailored solution. With our services, you’ll enjoy experienced and knowledgeable technicians, eco-friendly solutions, post-treatment care advice, a free evaluation, and a guaranteed return in case the problem isn’t resolved initially.

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