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We provide pet-friendly lawn care solutions for turf & ornamental needs, as well as control of common outside pests such as ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and more.

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Experience Expert Lawn Care Service in Sarasota

Your lawn is not only your personal haven but also a representation of you in your community. From family picnics to friendly barbecues, a great lawn shows your personality to the world. Our technicians are extremely skilled and are guaranteed to make your lawn a point of pride for you and your family!

Amidst the beauty of your green leafy landscaping, pests like beetles, flies, spiders, fire ants can harvest which can eat away your leaves, spoil your grass (potentially called as brown patches) and potentially ruin the looks of your entire lawn. Moreover, your pets may end up rolling or gliding on the grass, possibly taking some of these pets to inside your property, causing infestation to affect the health of your pets and family.

Lawn Care in Sarasota, FL: Let Brock 360 Restore Your Greenery

Give Brock360 a chance to figure out what’s eating away your Grass or causing those Brown Patches. Our experts can help fix your lawn in no time. As a limited time promotional offer, we would like to present you with the following coupon to get you started.

Areas We Service

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Top Quality Lawn Care Solution

Our technicians are knowledgeable and skilled professionals, with the single-minded purpose to provide our clients with top quality lawn care to keep your lawn looking great, using only pet-friendly, environmentally-conscious products.

Brock 360 utilizes the most effective pest control and fertilization products, maintaining a balance between healthy grass and the environment.

Pet-Friendly and Environmentally-Safe Lawn Care Services

We understand how important your lawn is to you and that’s why we make sure that all our Lawn Care  Solutions are completely Pet and Environmental Friendly to safeguard your grass, plants and trees while protecting your Pets from any chemical related problems.

Give Brock360 a chance to take care of your Lawn. Request a Quote today.

The BROCK360 PROMISE: Sarasota Lawn Care

With Brock360, let your fears loose as all the extras are already included in our price. With us, you don’t have to pay more to get more. Best of all, we fully guarantee our work.  If the problem isn’t solved, we come back and do it over!  The Brock360 Promise for Complete Residential Pest Control includes:

  • Well experienced and Friendly Technicians
  • 100% Eco Friendly Solutions
  • Technicians wearing shoe covers to protect your home
  • Free Evaluation of Possible Infestation
  • Training on Post Treatment Care
  • Guaranteed return if the problem isn’t solved

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Go ahead and give us a call at +1 (941) 312-1360 right away. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawn Care FAQs

There’s never a bad time to look after your lawn, it’s just that the type of care will differ. For example, January will see you apply a winter feed and cut back trees that might overshadow your lawn as it grows. Meanwhile, September will see you dealing with summer insects and potentially even applying a fungicide. If you need help, don’t be afraid to contact the experts at Brock 360 for the right care at the right time.
This depends on what services you need - do you just want a healthy lawn or do you also want experts to treat fire ants and other pests? Why not contact our specialist team to learn more about how we can help you and your outdoor space?
We’re pest control specialists, which means we can assist when it comes to fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. However, our services also expand into ornamental and turf needs. If you need pet-friendly services and want to finally put an end to fire ants, spiders, beetles, and other pests that are intent on destroying your luscious lawn, now is the time to reach out.
Typically, we can offer general guidelines over the phone. Yet, the best way to get an accurate quote is to allow us to visit your property for a free evaluation. We can search for possible infestations and discuss a potential treatment plan. If you have any questions, just ask our friendly team.
Yes, we specifically stick to solutions that are family-friendly, pet-friendly, and environment-friendly…we’re very friendly. We know that you don’t want to be worrying about chemicals, so we use friendly products to find the balance between protecting the environment and getting the best from your lawn. If you have questions about lawn care in Sarasota, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out.
There are selective herbicides available to control crabgrass and other unwanted weeds in your St Augustine lawn. You do have to be very careful about the time of year these are applied and the total amount applied because they can burn your grass. It is also important that have an overall strong and healthy lawn with proper fertilization, irrigation, and mowing practices.
Cultural practices in home lawns primarily include fertilization, irrigation and mowing. A pest control company generally has control over only one of these practices - fertilization! Incorrect irrigation is typically the main cause of lawn problems. Mowing too short or “scalping” the lawn can also lead to injury or death of part of the lawn. Don’t blame your pest control company if these other practices are causing problems with weeds, disease or insects.
Green is imparted by fertilizer - nitrogen in particular. Your pest control company should be applying nitrogen based on the rates recommended in “The Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices” manual. These rates have been shown to maintain a healthy, green lawn and not cause nutrient leaching or run-off, which could contribute to pollution of Florida’s water resources. Do not encourage them to apply more fertilizer than is recommended and do not go out and buy your own fertilizer to “juice it up.”

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