Termite Tenting

Drywood termites living inside the wood make your soil treatment ineffective. You may also find them in your furniture and walls. If you want to reduce termite population, termite tenting in Sarasota, Florida is the best solution. During the tenting process, fumigants access every crevice to remove termites. But, how long does termite tenting take?

The Termite Tenting Process and Duration

Termite tenting is effective even for managing severe termite infestations. Professionals have to place tarps or tents over a structure where fumigants are emitted. The circulation of fumigants all over your premises kills the bugs. This is how experts manage the termite population in an area.

When termites inhale fumigant, it deteriorates their nervous systems. Ultimately, it results in the death of these termites. Only experienced pest managers know the right amount of fumigants to be applied to kill termites. They will eliminate the tarp after this application. The tenting process involves using:

  • Fumiscope – It gauges the concentration of fumigant gas during the termite treatment.
  • Leak detection tool – To check the gas fleeing the treatment zone.
  • Clearance device – It monitors low concentrations of gases before you enter your premises.

But, how long does it take to fumigate a house? The fumigant takes around 6 hours to aerate from your house. The overall process will take at least 2 days depending on the type of your house. The best fact is that you will find no permanent residues after termite tenting.

However, you will not be allowed to enter the freshly fumigated house, as there may be some traces of fumigants. The termite control specialists will inform you when you can safely reside in the house.

Will Termite Infestation Reoccur after Tenting?

Termite tenting damages just the active bugs. That is why it does not ensure long-lasting or permanent termite protection. You can speak to your professionals to learn about more effective techniques.

It is highly challenging to prevent drywood termites compared to that of subterranean termite infestation. Drywood termites access your house through different entry points. Thus, by sealing off cracks, you can reduce the infestation risks. Consult your pest management team to plan a proactive program for regular maintenance.

How to Prep for Termite Tenting

You have to remove your indoor plants and the plants in outdoor areas. It helps you avoid damage from the fumigation tent. Trim the shrubs near your house so that the fumigation tent will be secured properly.

Fumigants are detrimental to your pets also. Thus, you have to move them to a temporary shelter or home. Besides, you should remove your bed linens and food during the termite treatment. Unplug your appliances when the professionals apply fumigation.

How Long Does it Take to Treat Termites?

Depending on the treatment method, the duration will be different. You have already learned about the expected timeframe for termite tenting. But, there are other techniques to control termite infestation. So, you need to consult your professionals to get the accurate information. You will also learn about the cost of termite tenting.

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