Termite Inspection

Termites may damage wooden features of homes. If you find termite swarms at home, remove them. It may be necessary to hire professionals to eliminate your termite colony. So, how often do you need a termite inspection? Treatment frequency for termites might vary depending on a number of variables.

Early symptoms of termites: If you see early symptoms of termites at home, you must schedule pest management. Wooden dust surrounding furniture or mud tracks and holes in walls or furniture. All of them indicate termite infestation at home, so call specialists immediately.

Termite And Pest Inspection Every Year

A thorough termite inspection is important at least once every year. Pest control technicians can detect termite infestations in your home. Warm, humid weather may increase termite risk. Therefore, you must employ a termite treatment professional to evaluate your whole property and analyze the infestation.

Some wait over five years for termite inspection. There will be enough time for termites to create nests by waiting this long. These bugs infest your house within a very short period.

Termite Inspection Before Buying Or Selling Your House

Investing in termite inspection services is the most crucial step if you want to purchase an older home. Termites are small bugs that remain hidden inside walls. It is not always easy to detect them until they have caused any visible damage to the house. That is why you can rely on professional help for termite inspection in Sarasota.

Moreover, before selling the house, you should hire these pest specialists to kill the bugs. A termite-free house has a high resale value. The structure of a building comprises different components, including beams and frames. It is costly to repair these parts, so try to prevent termite issues in your house.

Consider Termite Inspection When You Find Infestation Signs

Professionals for Termite Inspection In Sarasota, FL look for some common signs:

Mud tubes – Mud tubes can be noticed on the exterior and interior of your wooden beams and walls. These bugs create narrow passageways to save themselves from predators and dehydration.

Damage to wood – Wooden components of a structure are at a higher risk of termites. By knocking on the wood, you have to check if it sounds hollow. A screwdriver can also be used to expose tunnels the bugs have created.

Swarms of termites – During summer, termites may develop a new colony. So, if you have noticed the swarm in your house, it indicates infestation. The bugs often discard wings at the site.

Frass – Frass refers to termite droppings near your house. It looks like tiny, oval-shaped pellets.

Bubbling paint – Termites try to access the part between the surface and the paint. Their infestation also leads to the damage of your drywall.

So, these are some clear signs of termite infestation in your house. However, it is not always easy to detect these signs early to avoid any damage. Call a termite control team to inspect your house and take the most effective measures. Professionals will also give tips for preventing termites and other pests.

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