Rain House Pests

Onset of monsoon is a relief from a long period of heat and sun but it unfortunately brings with it a lot of problematic pests. Apart from being unsightly, pests are dangerous and can bring with them a lot of diseases which no one wants to handle while enjoying the refreshing weather. Here are some great ways you can protect your house from these nuisances:

Apply window nets

You know pests that are on the lookout for a humid and warm place to settle and the best place for that unfortunately is the inside of your house. Openings in your house provide a great way to allow them in especially windows. Window nets are a great way to block passage for the pests while still allowing light and breeze  into your space. You can get your window nets fixed by a good hardware expert according to the measurements of your window.

Carry all garbage away from your house

Garbage and cans lying around your house are a sure way to collect water and attract pests. They also form perfect hideouts for the pests so you can be certain that these pests eventually find a way into your house. Be safe and clear all garbage away from your compound and even inside your house. You don’t otherwise want to be breeding bloodsuckers and disease carriers.

Maintain a clean and dry bathroom

Can you imagine how scary and unsightly it is to find pests inside your bathroom? Dirt and dampness are very friendly to harmful pests. To avoid such an experience always clean your bathroom and make sure you leave it dry every time you use it.

Drain away stagnant water

Pools of unmoving water serve also as breeding grounds for pests. Malaria spreading mosquitoes have their haven in such pools. You should therefore ensure there’s no water collecting in pools around your compound every time it rains. You could essentially get rid of any depressions that could collect stagnant water so that you do not have to drain away the stagnant water every time it rains.

Apply Camphor

What is better than a natural way to get rid of pests? Pests such as mosquitoes love a hideout inside your cupboards since they’re dark and seemingly secure for them. Place camphor at the corner of your cupboards and keep away the mosquitoes and other insects. Make sure to keep damp things away from the cupboards to reduce the chances of hosting pests in there.

Holy Basil Plant

Tulsi plant is a great natural way to kill and keep away insect pests such as mosquitoes. Plant Tulsi in your garden and keep the pests away. It is also okay to have potted Tulsi inside your house at strategic positions. Just make sure you do not overdo it because too many plants inside are dangerous during the night as they deplete oxygen levels. Tulsi can also be put in vases inside the house.

Maintain Dry Wooden Items

Ants love wood. If your wooden items, especially furniture are left to dampness, they attract the destructive ants. It’s best to ensure that your wooden items are kept away from water or dry them out if they happen to catch it. Water is not good for wooden items anyway since it initiates rot and destroys their beauty.

Bed Nets While Sleeping

Some pests like mosquitoes are a sure nuisance while sleeping. They disturb your sleep by making irritating noise and biting you as you sleep. Use an approved bed net and protect yourself from irritating and disease-causing mosquito bites.

Clean your bedding

Apart from dampness, dirty places are very suitable for dangerous pests. Pests love your bed probably because it has many hideouts and it hosts you for quite some time during the night. Keeping your bedding clean regularly keeps pests away. It is also a great way to keep a track on pests and do away with them before they breed and increase in number. Apart from cleaning your bed, brush your bed and also the furniture more often than not. This is a good way to keep away nuisance pests and dust at the same time.

Decongest your house

A congested house is very attractive for pests because it provides many suitable hideout places for them. It is advisable to get rid of items you do not need inside the house to do away with the pests. It is scary to imagine what could be behind or under that pile of boxes you do not need. If it is not possible to get rid of these items, it’s good to always keep them neatly arranged. Regularly clean around these items to ensure some harmful and nuisance pests don’t hide there.

Get rid of poorly lit spaces.

We already know that pests love poorly lit hideouts. You can keep these places lit by drawing curtains or drapes during the day. If natural light is unavailable, use artificial lighting to keep away all the harmful pests. You never know what awaits you in that dark corner.

Keep recycle cans and bottles clean.

You remember that unwashed yoghurt can you have? Or those uncleaned packed food containers? That is a major attraction for pests, especially ants and flies. Any food container such as soda bottles or juice cans should be thoroughly washed once their contents are depleted.

Beware of water collecting inside plant pots.

Potted plants outside your house are certain to collect rainwater during the monsoon storm. Mosquito larvae and other insects are best bred in stagnant water. It is good to regularly keep checking the plant pots and pour out all collected water to keep off any mosquitos from breeding there.

All pests out.

Try any of these methods to help you keep pests away from your house. However, it is not possible to close off every channel for their entry such as doors since you also need to go in and out.

In this case, consider using suitable pesticides to kill any pests that still make their way inside your house. Always ensure that you consult experts on suitable pesticides and the best way to use them because pesticides can be poisonous if somehow you consume them in food or lick them.

Advisably, you can also consider hiring pest controllers and hand the ball over to the experts. This is because they know the best ways to keep pests out. They are also sure to give you the most suitable solutions that are least harmful to you and your compound.

Always remember that during the monsoon and storm you have to be on the lookout. Just one of these methods is not enough to keep off the pests so ensure you combine as many as you can.

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