Control Mosquitoes

As summer draws near, you like being outside in the sunlight and fresh air. However, even though bright days are pleasant, mosquitoes may be annoying. Bites from the small bugs may make you feel discomfort. In addition, some illnesses like Zika and malaria are spread via mosquito bites. Thus, the most common question is: “How do I control mosquitoes in my yard?” There are a few easy ways to assist you lower the mosquito population.

Remove the standing water:

After rain, mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Potted plants and debris-clogged gutters will have standing water. Since mosquitoes cannot lay their eggs near moving water, you may create a fountain in your yard. Owners of swimming pools don’t need to worry since mosquito development is inhibited by the filters and chlorine.

Spray repellant to the yard:

Use foggers and sprays to eliminate mosquitoes around your home. The sprays also kill mosquito eggs. Pyrethrin sprays do well on mosquito breeding areas. Read the label while buying the spray. The formula of the spray should not harm your kids and pets. It is better to apply the spray before dusk.

Sprinkle coffee grounds or light candles:

If there is still some standing water in the yard, you have to remove excess moisture. The best solution is to sprinkle some coffee grounds on the particular places. It will help you damage larvae by suffocating them. Excess grounds can be burnt before applying them to repel mosquitoes.

Another mosquito yard control technique is to light candles with citronella scent. Citronella is also a plant for driving away insects. You may also turn on LED lights or yellow lights in the backyard.

Use a mosquito trap:

Some pest management professionals recommend using bug zappers for backyard mosquito control. Besides, you may use sticky flypaper and different-sized buckets for the solution. Add some grasses and water to create a perfect environment for laying eggs. Pour a small amount of canola oil into the flypaper to allow mosquitoes to get stuck.

Install a large fan:

Another simple trick for mosquito control in the yard is to place large box fans in the outdoor place. Mosquitoes are weak fliers. So, the fan will blow the mosquitoes away, and you can enjoy long hours in your yard. You may also set your fan slightly away from the seating zone.

Consider landscaping:

The bloodsucking bugs always prefer a damp and cool place. That is why you may prune some trees and shrubs. Manicure your yard or lawn to let the place receive more sunshine. Cedar mulch also helps you repel mosquitoes naturally.

How to control mosquitoes in my yard

You have learned some DIY solutions for mosquito problems in your yard. However, to get a long-term solution, you may rely on pest management specialists. They know how to apply the right techniques for mosquito control in Sarasota. You will get affordable and effective solutions for mosquito issues.

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