You invite friends over for a BBQ but feel embarassed by the pests that live in your lawn. You can’t relax for the whole day because you’re hoping that nobody spots the problem. Somebody inevitably spots pests and you have to pretend like you have a plan to deal with them. The truth…you don’t know where to start. This is where pest lawn care services come in. Let’s look at what these lawn care services do and why they are valuable for maintenance as well as treatment. What do lawn care services do? What services do lawn care companies provide?

Pests aren’t just annoying, they’re also skilled in the art of garden destruction. Letting these troublemakers take over can turn your lawn into a battlefield. Time to show them who’s boss before the repairs start draining your wallet. This is where pest lawn care services come in – they have the expertise and resources to effectively deal with any pest problem. You spend so much effort looking after your lawn and trying to keep your plants alive only for some annoying pests to come along and ruin it all.

Most Common Lawn Pests in Sarasota

Watch out for these troublemakers in your Sarasota lawn: chinch bugs, armyworms, grubs, and mole crickets. They may seem harmless, but they’re lawn’s worst nightmare. Chinch bugs suck the life out of grass plants, turning them yellow and bidding them farewell. Don’t let them crash your green party.

Armyworms: the tiny tornadoes of reproduction, wreaking havoc on your lawn in no time. Watch out for grubs too – those beetle babies have a taste for grassroots and can turn your lawn into their personal playground. Don’t let them take over, tackle the damage head-on. We also can’t ignore mole crickets because they are the ones that cause tunnels on the lawn. They feed on grass roots and will affect the appearance of your lawn.

How Pest Lawn Care Services Work

The first thing to remember is that professionals have all the best equipment and resources – you don’t need to panic raid Amazon to eliminate the problem. What is full-service lawn care? First, they will carefully examine your lawn to unveil the type and severity of the infestation. This detective work allows them to crack the case and devise a brilliant plan of attack.

Next up, they’ll unleash their secret weapons to vanquish the pesky pests wreaking havoc on your lawn. Brace yourself for a mighty arsenal of targeted treatments, including potent pesticides, insecticides, and even some sneaky natural methods. Say goodbye to the garden invaders and hello to a pristine and pest-free paradise. Don’t fall into the trap of buying ‘all-in-one’ treatments online because they typically won’t work. Work with pros and benefit from the systems they have personalized for each pest.

Pest lawn care services not only tackle current infestations but also play the role of pest “bouncers” for your lawn. Some perform regular maintenance like mowing and watering, and even lay down treatment barriers to keep those unwanted party-crashers away. Plus, they’ll drop some pro tips on preventing future pest problems. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Eliminate pests and make sure they don’t come back with a lawn service in Sarasota. What do lawn care services include? You now have the answer – contact a local company to learn more!

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