Top 5 Best Bee Repellents

Bees are allies. Their advantages to the garden and ecosystem are obvious. Bee stings can be harmful for persons with severe allergies, so having a swarm can be problematic. Therefore, keeping away from bees is important for your and your family’s safety. But, as bees play a pivotal role in keeping the ecological balance intact, eliminating them via chemical or toughened measures (that could potentially lead to their death) is not a good route. As conscious citizens of Earth, we must make concerted efforts to preserve and protect bees.

On the contrary, on an individual level, being harangued by bees can be dangerous and requires immediate attention. Natural bee removal without harm is the easiest option. Want to know what repels bees naturally? Read ahead to find out!

Why Get Rid of Bees?

Yes, bees are important. But, you do not need to share your abode with them. For instance, some species of bees can cause damage to your home or even become hostile. Similarly, a concerning issue is that some individuals have allergies to bees or bee stings themselves. It is a shocking truth that some individuals are allergic to bees to such an extent that even a single sting can be potentially fatal. Therefore, to avoid such hassles, it is best to get rid of bees. But, the looming question is – is there a bee repellent that is harmless and organic? Yes, there is!

What Repels Bees: Top 5 Natural Methods

  • Vinegar

Combine equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the solution near the beehive. Make sure to spray the solution on any flowers on your porch or window sill. Bees are repelled by vinegar and would move to someplace else. However, this method is less effective when dealing with a massive number of bees.

  • Mothballs

Bees like some scents and are repelled by others, and mothballs fit the latter category. You can hang mothballs all around your home and keep the entire yard or deck bee-free. In addition, you can also hand mothballs near the bee nests, as the smell will discourage them from returning.

  • Mint

The scent of mint is something that bees and other bugs dislike, and thus, it serves as a great bee-repellent. Plant mint shrubs around your home, preferably in a pot, to get rid of bees naturally.

  • Bee-Repellent Plants

You may wish to landscape if bees are always in your backyard. Planting sweet-scented flowers may be attracting bees to your property. The optimal solution is to grow bee-repelling plants like Neem, Cloves, Citronella, Eucalyptus, etc.

  • Cinnamon

The fifth most effective but organic way to keep bees at bay is to use cinnamon. When you see a hive of honey bees and want to find them a new home without causing any harm, simply sprinkle some cinnamon around their hive for a week. This strategy will convince the bees to relocate.

If the number of bees is too much and you feel at risk, then opt for reliable Pest Control Services in Sarasota immediately. 

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